Home Building Process

Building your new home is an exciting time! Following is the flow of events that will lead to the completion of your new home:

  1. PLANNING – This step is one of the most important parts of the construction process. Time spent now will deliver the home you desire on time and on budget. First, choose the site for your new home. Next, either choose one of our existing floor plans, modify an existing floor plan or custom design your own floor plan. Financing options for the project should also be finalized during this time. Once your site and floor plan are chosen, it is time to start! We use a licensed surveyor to place your home on the site to assure correct placement.
  2. FOUNDATION – The site is graded to blend your new home with the site chosen. The footings are dug and poured with concrete. The foundation walls are erected. The slab floor is poured with concrete. The foundation is waterproofed with a French drain system and foundation coating. The foundation and waterproofing are inspected by the local building inspection department.
  3. FRAMING/ROOFING – Closely following your chosen plans, our framing crew starts on the foundation floor and works their way to the roof system. Our roofing crew installs the roofing to “dry in” the home.
  4. “ROUGH-INS” – Rough plumbing, heating and air and electrical are installed at this point. David walks through each of the trades with the client to assure proper placement of electrical outlets, lighting, phone, cable TV, heating ducts, etc. At this point the framing, plumbing, heating and air and electrical are inspected by the local building inspections department.
  5. INSULATION – The home is insulated. The insulation is inspected by the local building inspections department.
  6. SHEET ROCK/EXTERIOR BRICK VENEER/HARDWOOD FLOORING – The interior of the home is now ready for sheet rock. Our sheet rock crew installs and finishes the sheet rock. Meanwhile, our masonry crew is completing the exterior brick veneer. After the sheet rock is installed, unfinished hardwood flooring is installed in the specified areas.
  7. CABINETS/GRANITE/QUARTZ – The cabinets you have selected are installed in the kitchen and bathrooms. Our granite/quartz contractor templates the areas receiving these counter tops and prepares to cut and install the counters.
  8. INTERIOR TRIM – The interior trim (crown molding, baseboards, interior doors and casing, etc.) is installed by our trim carpenter.
  9. PAINTING – Using the selections you have made, our painting contractor paints the interior trim and walls.
  10. CERAMIC TILE – Our tile installation contractor installs ceramic tile in the areas specified.
  11. “FINALS” – The electrician installs wall switches and outlets along with the light fixtures you have selected. The heating and air system is completed. The plumber installs the plumbing fixtures. Each trade receives a final inspection from the local building inspections department.
  12. DRIVEWAY and PATIOS – The concrete driveway and patios are installed.
  13. HARDWOOD FLOORING – The unfinished hardwood flooring is sanded and finished by our professional hardwood crew.
  14. CARPET – Carpeting is installed in the specified areas.
  15. LANDSCAPING –The landscaping you have chosen is installed.
  16. FINAL CLEANING/FINAL INSPECTION – Your new home is cleaned and ready for move-in. The entire project receives a final building inspection from the local building inspections department and is ready for the Certificate of Occupancy to be issued.
  17. ORIENTATION – David will meet you at your new home and walk through the entire house and explain the various systems. David will also explain the punch lists during your first year of occupancy.